Chewable Calcium 600mg with Vitamin D for Adults

A part of D-Cal’s original skus, Adult 600 is formulated specifically with the bone health of adults in mind. Our chewable calcium tablets with vitamin d are made using sorbitol, which helps ease digestive issues common with other supplements. With its unique chewable delivery form and taste profile, our Adult 600 offers the most Vitamin D on the market– necessary for the ultimate absorption of calcium to the bone.


Calcium not only supports bone health, but aids in maintaining the functions of your heart, muscles, and nerves.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D ensures that the calcium we intake is absorbed at its optimal level, thus giving our bodies the nutrients it needs to remain strong.


With other calcium supplements, digestive issues are common. We added Sorbitol to our formula to help ease this!

Benefit 1

This Calcium and Vitamin D tablet offers the most Vitamin D on the Market. This level of Vitamin D is added for maximum absorption

Benefit 2

Calcium and Vitamin D together aids in making sure your bones remain healthy and strong. As we age, this is important for maintaining an active lifestyle.

Benefit 3

The more nutrients you pack in a pill, the bigger it gets, and the harder it is to swallow. We made our calcium d3 tablets tasty and chewable, so you can optimize your health with ease.